Kyle O'Grady

Kyle was the ideal embodiment of everything camp stands for and is about. Constantly with a smile on his face and ready to embrace whatever was coming his way, he met every day with an enthusiasm and an energy that was infectious to everyone around him. Whether it was going for a swim, spending time with his friends or even cleaning his table after the meal, he met each task with the same amount of vigor and joy. His love for camp exuded through everything that he did. The sheer force of his personal will just to come to camp the past two summers is a testament to the magic of camp and the magic of Kyle.
Purple was Kyle’s color and to remember him, honor him and keep him with us this summer the Camp Lawrence staff will be adorned in purple for every change day. For every child that comes to us this summer, we will carry Kyle with us, carry his story, carry his memory and keep his spirit alive so that it may pass on to everyone who is with us this summer and beyond.
On behalf of the Merrimack Valley YMCA and Camp Lawrence, thank you for your gift in memory of Kyle O'Grady. With your gift, you are providing an opportunity for many young men to enjoy the camp experience that meant so much to Kyle and his family. Your contribution is a wonderful way to pay tribute to Kyle. 
To make a donation, please click here to visit our secure online giving page. Be sure to indicate that your gift is in memory of Kyle by checking the "Dedicate This Donation" box and entering his name. If you prefer, you may also send your gift to:
Merrimack Valley YMCA-Camp
101 Amesbury Street, 4th Floor
Lawrence, MA 01840
Attn: Kyle O'Grady Scholarship Fund
If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact Kate Rozzi, VP of Development at 978-725-6681 ext 130.